Multitouch microtonal sound controller + mobile synth

Picture 1: MISUCO2 in full screen mode





  • Full screen performance (play) area
    • Configurable horizontal + vertical pitch bend area
    • Configurable scale (Rootnote, switchable scale notes, octave range)
    • Octave up/down switches
  • Microtuning on cent basis
  • Built in synthesizer
    • Oscillator with 5 waveforms
    • ADSR envelope
    • Filter
  • OSC (Open sound control) transmitters for
    • Puredata/Midi conversion (Port: 3150)
    • Native Instruments Reaktor (Port: 3150)
    • Supercollider (Port: 57110)
  • Preset memory for scales, synth sounds and microtunings
  • Game mode


How to store a preset: Press and hold the preset that you would like to overwrite. To create more presets, you can purchase additional memory in future versions (available by end of Q1 2018).

How to activate game mode: Double press the play button in the menu.