IMISUCO is the ios Version of the Microtonal Surface Controller.

View in apple store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imisuco/id939473229

Getting started the free version 0.9 (outdated)

startup screen

startup screen

The free version has a built in ad banner that appears at startup. Press the “start” button at the top right corner to start the surface. The ad banner is disabled in the pro version.

Performance mode

After start IMISUCO is in performance mode.

performance mode

performance mode

In performance mode you can choose from the 10 programs [1] and play these scales on the touchscreen/performance area [2].

The touchscreen events trigger the internal synth as well as osc messages which are sent to the default broadcast address on port 3334.

Hit the edit button [3] to change to the edit mode.

Edit mode

In edit mode you can generate scales and store them in program memory.

edit mode

edit mode


In the first three rows you can select the single notes of the scale, the base note and the octave range to configure the performance area.

The “?” button opens a link of the current scale the the online scale archive.

In the 4th row you can choose the waveform, envelope and intensity of the x/y modulation of the internal synthesizer. The single segments of the performance area work as individual x/y controllers:

  • x-axis: low pass filter resonance
  • y-axis: low pass filter frequency

In the 5th row you can control the program memory. By switching to another program number, the current changes are stored.